About Us

As with many small businesses, we are family-based with multiple hats to wear.

Alistair Parker (Managing Director and Engineer)


Alistair began the business over 20 years ago and is still just as passionate about machines and manufacturing in New Zealand.  Often mistaken as one of his staff, Alistair is more often than not wearing his overalls and carrying out machinery repair, production and, if needed, helping to run the galvanizing plant. This guy is certainly not afraid of hard work!


Mike Parke(Sales and Tradesman/Toolmaker)


Mike keeps the machines running in every sense - in the workshop, on the lathe and on the road looking after our southern and lower North Island customers.  Mike is as passionate as his brother Alistair when it comes to running a successful small business, and his tool-making is exceptional.

Steve Gaughan (Sales)


Steve is Auckland-based and calls on many of our North Island customers.  His friendly demeanour is a great asset, and he is a very dedicated salesperson.  Steve also has his brother, Mike Trembath, working for him, looking after the customers mainly in of the middle North Island area.

Elaine Parker (Office Administrator)

Alistair's wife and business partner, and very passionate about doing an efficient job.  Always keen to get to know all the customers and suppliers via the telephone and in person, and to remember their names (not always easy when you're of slightly mature years!).  Elaine has a friendly personality and is always happy to assist with queries.


Jon Parker (Storeman and Orders)

Mike's son, and a very efficient worker who runs a great store.  Jon seems to always know where everything is and has a great memory regarding all aspects of customers' orders.  Has a great rapport with our freight drivers, and an excellent knowledge of Arrownail.

Lottie Fife (Our expert in all things relating to accounting and computers)

Lottie works at Arrownail on a part-time basis.  She's an absolute gem when it comes to all things accounting-related and computerised.  Lottie also has a lovely, calm presence, and never seems flustered. 

The Team

The rest of the team are:


Narendra - our guy who runs the machines which make the nails and staples.


Peter - our guy in packaging who knows a thing or two about big buckets of nails and staples.


Laupati - our other guy in the store, plus our galvanizing plant operator, and a guy who goes the hard yards.

Our small Arrownail staff have a combined service of 93 years of making and selling nails and staples - you can't beat that!